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Huh? What? Frogs have hair? No, but I got your attention, right? (I'll explain later!) Since my last post talked about various hair removal methods, I thought we could talk about hair, without splitting hairs, of course! For starters, our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The hair is anchored to the skin by tube-like follicles. They are connected to the sebaceous glands which nourish both the hair and skin.


  1. Anagen is the growth stage and the longest stage. The hair grows from the root and spends many years in this stage, on average, between three to seven years. It varies by area, for instance, the anagen phase of our eyebrow hair, is shorter than that on our scalp.

  2. Catagen is the second stage and a transitional stage. Here, the hair separates from the follicle but remains in place. Growth slows down and the follicle shrinks. This lasts for six to eight weeks.

  3. Telogen is referred to the resting phase. While the existing hair isn't growing and will eventually shed, the follicle is still at work... and new hairs are starting to form. Many experts divide this stage into two, and call the actual shedding phase the exogen phase.

⁌ If you feel your hair is shedding quicker or you feel you're starting to lose more hair, please check in with your doctor.


  • Did you know our bodies have about five million hair follicles? 5,000,000! Only the palms of our hands and soles of our feet, and the red part of our lips are hair-free.

  • We can lose anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day!

  • Our hair grows, on average, 1/2" per month.

  • Our hair helps regulate body temperature.

  • Vellus hair is the very fine hair that covers most of our body. We refer to it as peach fuzz on the face and it's perfect for dermaplaning! Terminal hair on the other hand, is the longer, thicker hair, like that on our head!

  • The shape of the follicle determines whether your hair will be curly or straight, or thick or thin!

  • Hair color is determined by genetics. The majority of people across the world have black or brown hair.


I was looking for a catchy title and googled hair idioms. "Finer than frog hair" can have two meanings, 1. being thin or slender, or 2. being of high quality, most excellent, rare!! At least according to google. Now how it actually started, I don't know!

Now go take care of your hair, eat healthy foods, use good shampoo and conditioner. And remember, your lashes are hair too! So go clean your lashes ;)

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