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The Radiant Grace Facial is a bespoke, made-for-you experience. No two skins are exactly alike, so why should your skincare be? At the heart of Radiant Grace is Corneotherapy, a practice that protects our skin's barrier first and foremost. Using dermaviduals® New York, we will focus on the care and restoration of the stratum corneum, our uppermost layer of skin (and no, it's not a bunch of dead skin cells!) This non-invasive facial delivers results using carefully curated actives for you. It begins with an Advanced Skin Analysis, required for all Radiant Grace levels. There are three levels to choose from. Each includes chosen-for-you actives, a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, serum and mask. Plus, you can add an amplified add-on to boost your results!


If you've never had a facial or a skin analysis, start with this Introductory Bundle to level-up your skin health! What's included?


+A 45-60 minute in-person skin consultation to discuss your individual and unique skin and the next steps for optimal skin health. This includes a treatment plan for your skin concerns with how-tos. 

+We look at your skin in a new light with our Skin Scope, a diagnostic device using safe, filtered long-wave ultra violet light. This allows us to see things not visible to the naked eye. Now we can look deeper at your skin type? Plus, learning about how your skin works will empower you to nurture and protect it.

+Radiant Grace Level 1 Enzyme Facial, with a complimentary, bespoke, made-for-you Enzyme Boost. 30m

Please come with clean skin, no moisturizer or makeup!! If you'd like to separate these services, please reach out to me.


*Bundle/Promotional Balance is valid for three months from date of purchase.  

RADIANT GRACE LEVEL 1 | 30m $65           

A perfect check-in to update your regimen or if you are short on time but need some skin-love, Level 1 will give your skin just what it needs to support a healthy skin barrier. In addition to the cleanse and enzyme exfoliation, this includes a quick yet beneficial facial massage and a leave-on cream mask that deeply nourishes your skin hours after the facial!


Add an Enzyme Boost $20

RADIANT GRACE LEVEL 2 | 60m $135          

A fan favorite that gives you a little more time to unwind while we focus on replenishing your skin. You will enjoy a double facial cleansing and enzyme exfoliation. A customized serum will be massaged in to ensure your skin gets those much-needed skin-loving ingredients and you get much-needed quiet time. A carefully chosen mask is applied to seal it all in and tailor-made creams add the finishing touch.

Add an Enzyme Boost $20

Add a Neck & Dec Boost $40

RADIANT GRACE LEVEL 3 | 90m $175        

The top of line, Level 3 has it all. You can expect expert customization every step of the way, from start to finish. Focused on restoring balance to your skin, Level 3 includes a customized double cleansing, enzyme exfoliation with boost (if needed), adds LED Light Therapy as well as bespoke serums, a double mask (if needed) and tailor-made finishing creams. Holistic modalities extend this treatment so you can escape for a moment longer and truly relax while we deliver carefully chosen ingredients for restorative results.

Add a Neck & Dec Booster $40


Enzyme Boost Add on | $20

Fruit extracts from papaya and pineapple gently exfoliate redundant skin cells without the harsh effects of acids or peels are included in your facial. You can elevate this experience with a customized blend to boost your enzyme! Boost choices include acne relief, barrier repair, detox or calm reprieve.

LED Light Therapy Add on $20

Red Light Therapy is a completely safe NON_UV treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin to keep our skin plump and healthy. A perfect power-up for any skincare regimen.

Neck & Dec Boost Add on | 15m $40

We can supercharge your facial with a firming, lifting and smoothing neck and décolleté treatment. Packed with powerful antioxidants and skin caring lipids, this boost protects and strengthens the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté. We top it off with a cooling, firming and hydrating algae mask.

Serum Infusion Add on | 20m $50

BOOST your hydration with this Serum Infusion. This non-invasive technique allows for better absorption of ingredients into the upper layers of your skin, giving your skin a little extra, to protect your skin barrier. 

dermaviduals®  New York is free from:

・Emulsifiers・Preservatives・Fragrance ・Dyes・Mineral Oils ・

Mineral Waxes ・ Silicones ・Amines

dermaviduals® NY does not test on animals and is cruelty free.

dermaviduals® NY allows for bespoke treatment formulations both in clinic and at home so you can continue to give yourself the very best.


The Grace+Clay signature Facial is a Classic European Facial. They include a cleansing, appropriate exfoliation suited to your skin, nourishing serums, relaxing massage and a mask targeted to treat your concerns. You decide how much time you'd like. More time means more options which we will discuss during your facial. If you are new to facials, I recommend the 60m option. You must wait two weeks after getting botox to receive this treatment.

60min   $99  
75min    $125  

DMK Oxygen Therapy is like no other. The Signature DMK Mask uses transfer messenger enzymes to  jump start sluggish skin processes and works to restore balance.  Level 2 adds another layer to lift and tone your skin.

•This is not for those who are claustrophobic, due to the tightening nature of the mask. You can still enjoy DMK with the DMK Classic.

ENZYME LEVEL 1         1h45m  $160

ENZYME LEVEL 2        1h45m  $190 

DMK CLASSIC               1h           $119



LEVEL 1       Buy 3 | $450* 

Save $10 per treatment.

Upgrade a Level 1 treatment to Level 2 |   $30 per treatment. 

*pre-paid, promo value expires six months from purchase. cannot be combined with 

any other promo or special. no refunds or cash back. cash value does not expire.


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that uses a surgical blade to exfoliate the very top layer of skin as well as vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. Suitable for all skin types, but best for normal to dry skin types. Allows for better absorption of active ingredients to achieve desired results. Makeup goes on easier and your skin feels smooth. Dermaplaning DOES NOT make your hair grow back thicker!!

PLEASE NOTE: Dermaplaning is reserved for current Dermaplaning Clients only. If you book Dermaplaning and your skin isn't healthy enough to perform the service, another will be performed in its place

60 min $95

This treatment includes a double cleanse, a gentle AHA/BHA prep and nourishing oil to prepare your skin for the dermplaning treatment. It is followed by a cooling sheet mask with cryo globes and a neck and dec massage. Appropriate serums and moisturizers are applied. SPF completes this professional & expert service. 

50min $85 

This is basically a Dermaplane and done! If you are short on time and want the glow, THIS is for you. It includes the double cleanse, AHA/BHA prep and nourishing oil, followed by the Dermaplane treatment. We finish with customized serum and/or cream as well as SPF.

*There is no massage included with this service


You can now add on select services through the Vagaro booking app. These will show as options when you book your primary service.  

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