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This is the July 2021 newsletter.


I'll get to the earlobes and elbows, don't worry! But first, a question!! Are you a skin care minimalist or enthusiast? What does your skin care routine look like? Whether you cleanse and moisturize or have a multi-step regimen, you need to start with a good cleanser! But which one? There are so many choices!! I'm going to break it down for you and explain why that bar of soap in the shower is a no-go for your face!

First let's start with WHY it's important to wash your face! •We need to protect our skin's barrier. It's a mix of oil and water plus trace minerals and other good stuff. This barrier keeps the bad stuff out (bacteria for one) and the good stuff in (moisture!). PROTECT AND NOURISH THE SKIN BARRIER! •When our barrier becomes compromised, our skin can become inflamed, irritated and prone to infection. Think when you get a cut. What do you do? Clean it and protect it! When our skin is compromised, it becomes dehydrated and can't do what it's meant to: protect us-- from the sun, and from free radicals which cause skin damage, break down collagen and can lead to early signs of aging.




Gel cleansers are just that, gel-like. They are typically clear. They can include extra exfoliation, like a salicylic acid or jojoba or wax beads. They're great for deep cleaning. Micro-exfoliating Honey is one of my faves, a client fave is Brightening Cleanser! Generally used for oily and combination skin. I use a gel cleanser to prep for Dermaplaning.


Milk or cream cleansers can be like a lightweight lotion or a bit thicker. Some are more hydrating, some more calming. Some contain anti-aging and brightening ingredients, like mandelic acid. A pro fave! Best for dry or sensitive skin. I use and love the Hydra Replenishing Cleansing Milk.


Foam cleansers are light-weight and also good for deep cleansing. Typically for oily and combination skin. I rotate a foam cleanser once a week with my milk cleanser in the summer because I get a little oiler in the summer. I have a couple to choose from and like them both.


Oil cleansers are a bit newer and actually good for oily skin. Sounds strange right? But like attracts like and oil cleansers can help clean out pores and remove makeup without drying out your skin. Oil cleansers are good for most skin types too!

Check out the new Bare Beauty Cleansing Oil from PurErb that uses botanicals to give you a dewy glow!


Micellar Cleansers are amazing and quick! They are made up of tiny micelles (tiny molecules of oil in soft water) which are attracted to oil and dirt. But there is no oily residue left behind. It's a little thicker than water and no need to rinse! Great after the gym or as a second cleanse.

Best for dry skin. I love my Osmopure!! Safe for lash extensions!


Conventional bar soap can just dry out your face. Remember the protective barrier I mentioned above? Conventional soaps can strip your skin and affect the pH. It's a good cleaner (just not for your face) because it doesn't address your specific skin concerns.

HANDMADE SOAPS are not conventional bar soaps. They are formulated differently.

I typically use them for body cleansing and love ones that exfoliate too!


So, a fellow esthetician friend was sharing how her client was at a film festival in Southern California when a gorgeous celeb walked by. All she could notice were her wrinkly earlobes and how dry and old her elbows looked! YIKES!! I will not let this happen to you!! Follow this simple skincare hack with stuff you already have: when you're done applying your serums and/or moisturizers, there's usually a little left on your fingers… rub the rest over your earlobes and elbows! Now, if your elbows look like the Sahara, I've got a DEAL FOR YOU! Everyone is raving about my new CELLULAR WATER BODY FONDANT! Normally, this size retails for $59, but I don't want you to have old elbows. For for a limited time, you can get this for $39!* That's a $20 savings!! This is so fresh and uplifting, I love the light scent and it absorbs so nicely! Don't be stuck with old earlobes and elbows, your oasis awaits! *Special pricing runs through July or while supplies last. EDITED: THIS PROMO HAS EXPIRED. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR VIP SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. TO SIGN UP CLICK HERE: VIP NEWSLETTER

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