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Do you feel it? The chill of winter is approaching. And it is not a friend to our skin. The cooler temps, indoor heat, and dry air wreak havoc on our skin, depleting our skin of much needed moisture. Having hydrated skin is a must year round, and it is even more critical in the winter months.

Hydrated skin is plump, dewy and radiant. Dehydrated skin can be dull, rough, red and prone to premature aging. So how do we make sure our skin is healthy and hydrated? As your practicing skin therapist, I can help you replenish your skin from the outside in!


First step is a cleanser. dermaviduals Cleansing Milk with DMS is perfect for lipid-dry or sensitive skin. This nourishing formula removes impurities and maintains your skin’s protective barrier.

Then there is Total Cleansing Cream. This is a thicker lotion-like cleanser that effectively removes impurities and makeup too. This is also good for the body and has a slight orange scent.


Lotions are either hydrating mists or treatment tonics. They allow for better hydration and prep your skin for serums and/or creams. Suusmoon Lotion N is a lightweight lotion that packs a moisture-rich punch. Designed for dry skin, it feels like water, restores moisture levels and is crucial for skin that is fatty acid deficient, thanks to its omega 3 and 6 content. You need just one or two squirts and pat it into your skin!


Serums get into your skin quicker than a cream, and with the help of a lotion, Like Suusmoon Lotion N, you can see even better absorption. We have a variety to choose from, including Hyaluronic NAG Liposomes, Liposome Concentrate Plus or Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles. Or, we can formulate a bespoke serum, one just for you.


Moisturizers also help replenish the skin , prevent water loss and smooth the skin. Base Cream High Classic is a best-seller for a reason. The unique DMS, Derma Membrane Structure, uses ingredients our skin recognizes so that your skin gets what it needs.


Oleogel Plus is a balm for intensely dehydrated skin and reactive skin. High-quality plant oils and a water-free formulation penentrate the skin making sure to protect your skin barrier!

Make sure to drink enough water and incorporate healthy, nutrient-rich food into your diet. Be sure to book our new Introductory Bundle so we can take a deeper look at your skin. It will empower you to know how your skin works as we create a new skin health regimen!

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