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Gentle exfoliation for the win!

Corneotherapy is the practice of repairing and replenishing our skin barrier. And that means when we exfoliate, we choose ingredients that don't strip away our barrier. Gentle yet effective peels can reduce redness and restore hydration while removing redundant skin cells. When you book a Radiant Grace Facial, we can choose the DMS Peeling Cream or the professional Enzyme Mask, depending on your skin at that time. You can also power up your enzyme with an add on boost! Boost choices include acne relief, barrier repair, detox or calm reprieve.

DMS Peeling Cream

Professional Enzyme Peel

DMS stands for Derma Membrane Structure. It mimics the composition of our skin barrier

Gentle biological peeling with natural enzymes, namely pineapple and papaya

Jojoba beads gently polish the skin

Calms redness

Reduces redness

Increases skin cell proliferation

Restores hydration

Reduces the appearance of pore size

Perfect for at-home use! 1-3x/week

Supports the prevention of breakouts

Suitable for all skin types

Suitable for all skin types

A reminder, peels should not be aggressive nor remove your skin barrier. You may see an immediate result, but when you remove the skin barrier, your skin is exposed and vulnerable, and in effect, goes into survival mode. We want to maintain balance so that your skin care thrive! It's skincare that cares!

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