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Have you had your Hydro-Jelly yet?

These masks are so popular right now! And FUN!

Hydro-Jelly Peel-Off Masks are a great way to hydrate and calm your skin. These are algae-based and as such are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidant too. These masks go on all gooey-like and they kind of solidify and peel-off easily. Most hydro-jelly masks will help cool the skin, while moisturizing and combatting redness. There are a several different kinds, each with their own benefits.

-They won't stick to your hair, but do be careful with your clothes and fabric! Place a paper towel under your head and shoulders!

-There are kits in stock, and there are two-masks to one box! Check out what's available!

Here's a tip: Make the edges thicker, around your face, neck, eyes and mouth to make the mask easier to peel-off! Follow with your favorite moisturizer! Mine are Hyaluronic Serum and Cream and also Derm Repair and Active Repair! Check out the amazing videos my friend and her husband made! No cats were harmed in the making of these videos! I mean, come on, we are cat people here!!

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