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I've added an extra option to the Grace+Clay Dermaplanining repertoire! Introducing Dermaplane Plus! The PLUS includes the addition of either a bio-cell sheet mask or a peptide sheet mask, along with a cryo-globe massage. Perfect for sensitive skins OR if you have a little extra time for some extra hydration. Plus, the cryo-globes feel amazing!! The Plus completes a trio of options for you. The Deluxe includes a customized advanced mask, think cryo-firming peel-off mask or firming peptides, along with a neck and neckline massage. The Delite is a standalone Dermaplane treatment, no mask, no massage, perfect if you're short on time! Each treatment includes a double cleanse, a light AHA/BHA toner, plus nourishing oil. We then perform the dermaplaning treatment. Then you pick your option. Each is finished with a customized serum and/or moisturizer and SPF. You can add a light glycolic peel too! You can read more about this on the FACIALS PAGE, just scroll down to Dermaplaning!

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