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Spring is the perfect time to get that summer-soft skin! But what should you do? Wax or Sugar? Both remove hair from the root so that your skin will stay smooth longer. Shaving cuts the hair at the surface of your skin and you will get stubble most likely the next day.

  • Sugar is a gentler form of hair removal, especially for the body. It's super natural and has just three ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water. It's applied against the growth of the skin and removed in the direction it grows, resulting in far less breakage. Many people say it reduces ingrowns too.

  • Wax consists of mainly beeswax and rosin, some contain essential oils and other nourishing ingredients. There are also plant-based waxes now, which is what I primarily use for facial waxing). There is soft wax (uses strips) and hard wax (no strips). Wax is much like shaving in that hair is removed in the opposite direction of growth.

  • BOTH methods exfoliate the skin and pre and post care is the same. No tanning or home exfoliation the day before, the day of and the day after. Hair must be a good 1/4" long to be waxed or sugared. Don't shave the day before. Yes, I had someone shave the day before. I can't remove hair that is a millimeter long!!!

  • What do I recommend? It is always personal preference. However, for the BODY, I prefer sugar because it's gentler and I like how eco-friendly it is. It's also water-soluble. No messy residue. I like hard wax for the face, as a layer of protective essential oil is applied and it's quick.

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