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When you book a Grace+Clay Signature Facial, you get a customized experience. Let me choose the ingredients that will give you results. Then, do you want more massage? Do you prefer Gua Sha or cold rollers? Maybe a light enzyme will be needed, or a gentle gommage instead? Grace+Clay offers gentle peels with no down-time. Cream mask or clay? Maybe the golden hydro jelly mask pictured here? If you are new to facials, choose the 60m Signature Facial*. This classic European facial is the perfect introduction. Face, neck and shoulder massage is included in the Signature Series at Grace+Clay. Thhe 75m or 90m options is where we can add extras! Got questions? Let me know! Want one?? Book here! This client received the 90m treatment with holistic massage techniques! *please note, the 60m facial includes basic options only. Upgrade to include more advanced treatment services.

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