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The Serum of Youth

Serums... do you know what they are and when to use them?

Serums are like a fountain of youth, if you will! Serums act as boosters, a light-weight liquid, they are easily absorbed, oil- or water-based and deliver and intensive dose of age-management ingredients!

Serums can help with dryness and dehydration, blotchiness and brown spots, even reactive skin conditions (Hello Beta Gel!)

Some serums have a combination of ingredients, some have a higher concentration of just one (like the Intensives line from Institut Esthederm)

Serums are not a moisturizer, though some can be used alone. But, it is best when you layer your serum under a moisturizer or cream. And, you need to be aware not to layer acid-containing serums with another product containing acids. For example, a Vitamin C serum with a retinol cream may be too irritating, and I advise against it.

Derm Repair from Institut Esthederm (pictured above) is one of my personal favorites. I've been using this serum for 20 years!! Sometimes, when I was younger, I would just use this serum. It also healed a cut on my face, I applied a full pump and rubbed out the scar tissue. You can't even tell!! Beta Gel from DMK is another favorite, great for reactive skin and its healing properties.

There are so many serums used for a variety of skin conditions. How do you know which one to choose? Schedule a consultation with me or better yet, book that facial!

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