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Why Mask at Home?

Applying a masque on a regular basis (weekly) assists in the cleansing of your pores and the removal of any impurities sitting on the surface of your skin as well as hydrating your skin. While most of us cleanse daily, applying a masque every week simply takes cleansing to another level. You’ll notice your skin looking and feeling so much more hydrated and fresher. Using a masque also assists in the penetration of active ingredients deeper into the skin, therefore making your current products work harder and more effectively for you. And when we spend time and money ensuring we have the right product balance to achieve healthy, glowing skin, enabling them to work even better is key to getting the desired results.


The DMK at-home Foamy Lift Masque is the perfect take-home masque to maintain your skin in-between visits. It is 1/3 of the strength of the DMK Enzyme Therapy masque used in the treatment and therefore is not designed to replace your professional treatments, but to enhance them. The DMK Foamy Lift Masque encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage while helping to flush away toxins, free radicals and stimulate collagen production. It follows DMK’s four-phase system that duplicates the skin’s chemistry to:

Remove dead skin cells that lead to congestion, dry skin, fine lines and skin discolouration.

Rebuild live cells by providing protein, amino acids and nutrients.

Protect skin from sun damage, free radicals and other environmental factors.

Maintain the best possible skin functions using the purest botanical ingredients for continual rejuvenation.

This unique masque is best applied weekly and combines a powder (Foamy Lift) and a gel (Exoderma Peel), which when mixed, tightens and firms on the skin: assisting to improve blood circulation, leaving you with a fresh, radiant post-treatment glow!

Formulated as a gentle exfoliator, Exoderma Peel is suitable for most skin types and designed to leave the skin feeling refreshed and smooth. This versatile masque works quickly at a microscopic level reaching into the pores to remove dead cell material and eliminate impurities. Designed to have a neutral pH, Exoderma Peel can be used regularly as a quick refreshing at-home treatment to smooth the skin without the worry of potentially stripping or damaging it. Foamy Lift supports optimal skin function between DMK treatments and works to purify, strengthen, brighten, and tone the skin. When Foamy Lift is combined with Exoderma Peel, the mixture creates a paste that is like DMK Enzyme Therapy and allows for deeper exfoliation.


  1. To gently exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin.,

  2. Brighten and tighten the skin while hydrating the skin.

  3. Through reverse osmosis, it drains toxins from the skin.

  4. It brings new blood flow through the veins to oxygenate the skin.

  5. Amino Acids work to stimulate collagen.


Combine approximately one to two teaspoons of equal parts of Foamy Lift powder to Exoderma Peel into the DMK Mixing Bowl. Using your DMK Fan Brush, gently mix the powder and gel together to create a creamy paste. Apply the paste to the entire face and neck using upward strokes (see image). Brush over the eyebrows and just underneath the eyes. Leave the masque to set for approximately 30 minutes. Your skin will feel very tight by this point – this is a good thing! After 30 minutes, soften the masque with a wet hand towel and gently remove the remaining masque with warm water and a DMK cleanser. Do not rub off the mask.. You can also remove the mask in the shower.

Your skin will appear refreshed and pinkish in colour, due to increased levels of blood circulation, but this will subside. To finish, your skin will be in the perfect condition for your DMK oils, serums, sprays and nourishing crèmes to deliver healthy and glowing results!

Allergen Alert: Foamy Lift contains cinnamon and albumen.

Information provided by DMKSkin AU


DMK also offers two other at-home treatments:

Acu Masque aims to fight acne-causing bacteria, purify the skin, soothe and reduce redness, and inflammation. It also purifies ducts which are plugged by dead cells and sebum, and prevents pimple eruptions, while acting as an astringent on enlarged pores

Hydrating Masque provides supreme hydration by helping restore the interstitial fluid of the epidermis. It helps prevent premature aging, wrinkles, and fine lines by fighting off the damaging effects of free radicals.

Institut Esthederm has a Propolis Mask which is one of my favorites for oily and reactive skin.

LeMieux also has my favorite Bio-Cell+ sheet mask which is super hydrating and leaves your skin refreshed.

Please ask me if you are interested in purchasing these at-home options!

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