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Let me tell you a little about the lash services at Grace+Clay! I often get asked about the difference between Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts. Which is best for you? I'll break it down here so you can decide what you'd like! I'll go over extensions, from length to curl to diameter plus prescriptive home care care. Then we talk about what makes lifts so special! And, keep reading for a special sale!

pictured: hybrid lash extensions in "m" curl.



You might notice when I post someone's extensions, I'll say something like: C07, 7-12. What does that mean? C is the type of curl, 07 is the diameter (or thickness) and 7-12 is the length. So, extensions come in different curls (see photo below), different diameters from .03-.25 (nobody uses .25 anymore, and if they do… RUN!!) and of course, different lengths, from 5-18 (I typically use 6-12/13 max!) Everyone wants long, but long is not for everyone (sorry!!) My #1 priority when doing your lashes is to protect the integrity of your natural lash. When an appropriate length and diameter are used, the natural lash isn't damaged. Using an extension that is too long or too thick puts too much weight on your natural lash and can damage the follicle. Extensions, as a rule, should not be more than two milimeters longer than your natural lash. If done properly, you can maintain healthy natural lashes.


Classic lashes mean one eyelash extension (EE) is placed on the natural lash (NL). it is a 1:1 ratio. Classic sets are beautiful and natural, and well, classic!

Hybrid lashes are a combination of Classic and Volume. What is volume? It's when a fan is made using a thinner extensions, 2D, 3D and so on. Hybrid makes for a natural but noticeable look. I've had a couple people tell me their coworkers want to know what kind of mascara they are using and can't believe they're wearing extensions!!


Volume sets use only fans.

Mega… well, they are mega! They use super thin extensions (.03) and 8D-10D fans.

Russian vs American volume, it's a little picky, but technique and style is a little different.


No, extensions are not permanent. How long your extensions last is based on how many lashes you have, your own lash growth cycle and how you care for both your natural lash and extensions. I'll go over Prescriptive Pro Care in a bit. But first, growth cycles vary from person to person. Shedding is a natural process and not affected by properly placed extensions. (You can read about hair growth cycles here on my blog.) As older lashes shed, fills are needed and applied to new, healthy growth. Fills are recommended every three weeks. People with sparser lashes may require fills every two weeks or weekly. You should have at least 50% of your extensions at your fill, otherwise, you may need an extended fill or even another full set. Cost will vary to accomodate extended fills and full sets. If you feel you need an extended fill, please let me know so I can block more time for you.

ADHESIVE: I use Novalash Platinum Bond Hi-Speed Adhesive which is latex and formaldehyde-free. People can be sensitive or allergic to an ingredient in many different kinds of quick-drying adhesives, not just lash adhesives. If you'd like, you can always request a patch test.

L: 5D fan, Grace+Clay Esthetics | C various curls, 📷credit EBL Lashes | R: "m" curl single extension


It is imperative to take care of not only your extensions, but your natural lashes. If you don't, you can develop infections, as dirty lashes can trap dust, dead skin cells, makeup and even mites. Ewww! Dirty lashes can also lead to poor retention. Remember the extended fill? I carry different lash baths to make sure you don't get some serious side eye! Conditioning your natural lash is also important. Grace+Clay carries conditioners and lash serums alike.

Lash Lifts provide a more natural look and are lower maintenance than fills. Lifts won't thicken your lashes but they can look longer, as they do give your NL a nice semi-permanent curl! We can tint them too (that's a Lash Lift Deluxe). I still wear mascara when I get a lift!! There are some things to consider before getting a lash lift, like these contraindications: cancer treatments/chemotherapy, dry eye syndrome, allergy, very thin and fragile lashes. You must wait 24-48 hours before applying mascara, you cannot get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours. You can get lifts every two-three months, but I recommend lifts every three to four months. You may always request a patch test. As with extensions, results may vary. Certain medications and some hormonal issues can affect your lash lift too.

I offer two types of lifts, both from Elleebana. Which type depends on the health of your natural lashes. They take about 1h15m. Great for vacation!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

I do have limited numbers of the LIMITED EDITION GET OBSESSED KIT. IT INCLUDES A TRAVEL SIZE OF THE FAN FAVORITE LASH SERUM. It is not included in the sale as the price is already reduced. Please note, this sale was first extended to VIP Newsletter subscribers. Some full-size items have already sold out. Make sure to sign up here: YOU'RE A VIP

I know you're busy! Your time is important and you work hard for your money. I also know you LOVE YOUR LASHES! So protect your investment. For extensions, removing makeup and gently washing them will help with retention and allow me to make your fills fuller. If I have to wash your lashes, that takes time away from your appointment.

If you get Lifts, conditioning helps nourish your natural lash. Just like when you wash your hair with shampoo, you use conditioner after :) Don't forget about the best-selling Borboleta Lash serum! Safe for extensions and lifts. And those Cool-down patches too 😌 I'm so excited for you try these things and up your lash game! SEE YOU SOON, Joanne!

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